WILMOTH Group Policy on Prior Evictions

Generally, having a prior eviction is not a good thing for obtaining a rental approval.  There are factors our underwriters review, as part of their entire review of the application, to determine how relevant a prior eviction is to the overall approval. 

1. Time since the eviction.  We prefer a period of 5 years since any eviction.  We will review mitigating circumstances associated with the eviction but any eviction less than 5 years old is difficult to work with.  The time factor can be significantly offset though by the next factor. 

2. Has Rental history been re-established?  What type of referral are we able to receive?  Rental history from family and friends is not as powerful as that received from a professional management company or apartment complex.  Of course, a clean, trouble free reference will go a long way toward providing added comfort to any previous evictions.   

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