How To Generate and Use the WILMOTH Rental Owner Statement

The Rental owner statement report shows a summary of 'money in, money out' by way of asset (current and fixed), income, expense, liability and equity transactions for a period of time, by rental owner.   To see a sample of this statement to use as you read this article download it now .

This is the best summary report for a rental owner to review each month.  In taking time to understand and review this report, an owner will be able to:

  • Track the cash flow of their properties
  • Report liabilities held
  • Determine income and expenses recorded
  • View the amount due to or from the owner
  • Determine when an owner was not paid the correct amount

An extensive post with illustrations has been prepared to assist all rental owner clients of WILMOTH with using this important tool.  Please visit WILMOTH Rental Owner Statement to learn everything about the report. 

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