What happens when there is an emergency service need and it is outside normal business hours?

WILMOTH managers recognize that your tenant's do not want to be left stranded with no heat, a broken pipe, or any other tenant emergency that can cause damage or discomfort. Of course, as an owner, you want to know your home is protected. How we provide trained, professional, service on holidays and the middle of the night is one of the areas where our solutions provide clients unique service.

We are affiliated with an after-hours emergency dispatch service. In the rare event of an after-hours tenant emergency, tenants are provided a toll free number to call. This number is NOT just a answering service, but trained property managers with detailed instructions from us as to how to service all tenant emergencies, and a directory of all of our contractors. This service means you are NOT depending on your manager to be able to answer the emergency call when they are sleeping or on a lake boating. It also means professionals are taking the tenants calls and assisting them. Often assistance is simply just providing instructions to stop the damage, or flip a breaker!  If the trained manager determines the issue is a tenant emergency worthy of after-hours service (and costs) they will dispatch help immediately.
Tenants- If the emergency involves fire, crime or loss of life-IMMEDIATELY Call 911!!
Report an after-hours MAINTENANCE emergency at your rental by calling 1-888-479-8427
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